Tactis offers a range of accessories for crisp attention to detail.

These include edges, decorative profiles and veneers in different sizes that can be applied anywhere.


Tactis sells three different size of edge protector – 15, 23 and 35 mm wide – in 50-metre rolls. They can also be made to measure.

These rolls are available in the same colours and finishes as those used for the door frame coverings and panels.

This means that the panel and door edgings can be personalised to make the lines between the edges and the product are completely seamless, or to create interesting contrasts and juxtapositions.


The wide range of decorative profiles that we offer allows you to embellish your surfaces with different geometric and 3D sections.

These embellishments can be the same colour as the panel or they can be contrasting with a metallic finish.

As with the edge protectors, this product also comes in 50-metre rolls.


For custom projects, the product can be supplied in sheets with the same finish. It really lends itself to flat and membrane press veneering.

The standard sizes available are 2400 or 3000 mm by 310 mm wide.


For finishing the tops and bottoms of the panels, we offer 2200 mm-wide plinths with heights of 120 or 45 mm.