Focus on Design: Basel’s Volkshaus

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For our series of articles dedicated to Interior Design, today we’re taking you to Basel, where Herzog & De Meuron re-designed a building dating back to 1950.

An uneasy task for sure, as the building dating back to the 14th century, has been demolished and rebuilt in 1925 with much of the original interior stripped out to convert the spaces into large-scale offices.

“We aim to preserve the overall multiplicity and complexity of the Volkshaus, based on the original architecture of 1925 and imbued by its own history.”

After reinstating the bar and brasserie in 2013, as well as several of the building’s old events halls, Herzog & De Meuron began the transformation, of the other ambient, using lots of wood, ceramic and tactile textiles. This choice allowed the hotel to get back some of its ancient charms, and the visitor feels like he’s back in the good old day of the Volkhaus. The materials also provide a unique experience to the touch.

Stained black oak was chosen for the bathrooms and closets, while the floor is a dark terrazzo. These are contrasted by the muted green of the curtains and the pale etchings that decorate the wallpaper.

Did you like Herzog & De Meuron Volkhaus? Tactis can help you create spaces with the same elegance. Contact us or discover Tactis Diamonds!

Happy holidays from Tactis!

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The entire staff of Tactis unites to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Design brings smart-working at home

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With the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to change our lives, the way we behave, move, and work.

More and more companies, forced or not, are re-organizing themselves in order to allow their employees to work remotely, and more and more professionals are preparing their homes to become offices.

Will this be a temporary period or a permanent revolution?

Data about smart working adoption suggest that this will be the new standard in many different industries, thank also to the new technologies for connecting and sharing documents and processes.

This forced revolution of people’s homes will cause a boom in the sales of some products and furniture, items that will have to match practic with aesthetic characteristics. Desks, for example, will have to turn into elegant pieces of furniture and stop being just tables.

Tactis, in all these years, has cured the surfaces, furniture, and walls of pioneering offices and companies, providing light, finesse, and value to spaces otherwise sterile and unwelcoming.

Some of these configurations have become so popular that we decided to dedicate an area of our website to them.

Visit our website to discover the Tactis diamonds, or contact us to create your personal configuration: possibilities are endless!

Project of the month: Sancy

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what do you think about when you read the word “simplicity”?

 At Tactis, we think that simplicity may be a quality, especially in the design, furniture, and interior decoration fields. 

Our configuration Sancy, designed for the interior spaces of a hotel, lets the peculiarities and quality of the material express at their best

In this configuration, three different Tactissurfaces alternate vertically, creating chromatic and touch contrasts in a graduate or casual sequence.

Create your own Sancy picking the bands you like: Tactis offers 9 metallic colorations, 17 wooden essences, and 5 textures!

Browser the Projects section of our website to discover more, or contact us to create your personal configuration: possibilities are endless!

Salone del Mobile 2016

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Tactics is technical partner of Linvisibile inside its installation at the “Spazio Material ConneXion” at the Reception Pavilion 9/11 of the Salone del Mobile 2016, Fiera Milano, Rho.

A space dedicated to materials and innovative production processes with a wide variety of samples for building and architecture exhibition.

Inspiring Walls – Design Contest 2015

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Tactis supports creativity: we foster new ideas and provide materials and products of excellence for their development.

On October 27th occurred the award ceremony of Inspiring Walls, a contest by invitation promoted by Tactis in cooperation with LIUC – Università Cattaneo and Matteo Ragni Design Studio, to develop a creative project for the Learning Hub, the new study hall of the Executive Master in Business Administration.

Twelve different proposals of the invited designers on the theme Inspiring Walls, a white wall to decorate with Tactis Wooden Stripes, creating patterns, combining and matching their shades to tell a story on the EMBA experience.

The members of the committee Matteo Ragni, Stefano Orio, Massimo Colli General Director of LIUC – Università Cattaneo, Giovanna Golnelli Alpi Image and Communication manager, Vittorio D’Amato Director of EMBA LIUC- Università Cattaneo voted and awarded the designer Alberto Ghirardello for his project Paths.
In Paths Ghirardello succeeded to combine a creative application of the material with a meaningful message, two lines with different starts and routes reunited then at the end in a “synergy of experiences, merits and competences”.

We wish you a happy summer in the shadows of a wooden stripes tree

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MinD: Mad in Design

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Tactis sponsor tecnico del workshop MinD

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Tactis è sponsor tecnico del workshop “Mad in Design“. È stato messo a disposizione dei gruppi di lavoro, in esclusiva e in anteprima, un innovativo materiale ligneo concepito per il rivestimento d’interni.