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For Tactis the quality of raw materials is a must which allows to create beautiful surfaces, without sacrificing eco-friendly high standards.

Tactis respects the environment

The effort
for the future of our sons

When treated with care and attention, engineered wood and aluminium lend themselves to original and unexpected effects. The quality of the raw materials is essential for ensuring a high-end and environmentally-friendly product. Tactis is FSC-certified and pays careful attention to the materials it selects, carrying out periodical checks on its production processes in order to improve performance in all areas of social responsibility. Tactis respects the environment, and puts its efforts to always act in the full respect of natural resources and of the protection of the plantations from which the wood comes from.

Careful production

The production is made wth home-build machinery, caring about protecting the environment, using water-based paint and low-impact source materials.

selected materials

The attention that Tactis puts into ecosustainability, respect for nature and material's quality is an added value for its products and services. This implies furniture, accessories and design surfaces beautiful, elegant and caring for the planet.

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Via degli Artigiani 69

22040 Lurago d’Erba

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