Focus on Design: Basel’s Volkshaus

13/01/2021 pubblicato in: Uncategorized

For our series of articles dedicated to Interior Design, today we’re taking you to Basel, where Herzog & De Meuron re-designed a building dating back to 1950.

An uneasy task for sure, as the building dating back to the 14th century, has been demolished and rebuilt in 1925 with much of the original interior stripped out to convert the spaces into large-scale offices.

“We aim to preserve the overall multiplicity and complexity of the Volkshaus, based on the original architecture of 1925 and imbued by its own history.”

After reinstating the bar and brasserie in 2013, as well as several of the building’s old events halls, Herzog & De Meuron began the transformation, of the other ambient, using lots of wood, ceramic and tactile textiles. This choice allowed the hotel to get back some of its ancient charms, and the visitor feels like he’s back in the good old day of the Volkhaus. The materials also provide a unique experience to the touch.

Stained black oak was chosen for the bathrooms and closets, while the floor is a dark terrazzo. These are contrasted by the muted green of the curtains and the pale etchings that decorate the wallpaper.

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