The company’s continual research into materials, effects, and colors is the heart of its commitment to a endless experimentation which attracts designers and makers and gives always new stimuli to an already consolidated production process.

The Tactis line was born from these synergies and contaminations. Tactis is a range of MDF panels that allow the customization, always elegant and stylish, of doors and interior surfaces and characterizes them thanks to their special shaping effects.

Tactis coverings are able to create new visual and tactile sensations with 17 different wood essences, the 9 different metals, 10 colors and horizontal, vertical or transversal lines.
Embellish a conference room, decor an ambient, harmonize furniture and doors of your house: explore the infinite possibilities and combinations that the high-quality Tactis products offer, discover our Collections.

Tactis wooden essence
Tactis aluminium and wood application
The elegant contrast between Tactis metal and wood